What Our patients Say

Neck pain (Cervical Herniated Discs)

“I would like to express my gratitude for the "miracle" healing from the Miracle Acupuncture clinic. I had extreme severe pain due to the herniated discs in C6 and C7. I afraid of needle and I didn’t like the idea of surgery too. I had tried Physical Therapy, chiropractic therapy, massage and cortisone injections and had been taking Vicoden, Valium and Neurontin. They help me a little. At last I try your “miracle acupuncture”. To my surprise, after my first visits, I was able to begin weaning off the medications. After nine visits, I am virtually pain free, totally off all medications. Now I am able to return my normal life again! I really believe the miracle of Acupuncture now. Dr. Frank is really an expert.”
Ficarrotta M

Back pain

“I was suffering from Horrible back pain that I had difficult to turn around on my bed sometimes. For my primary doctor's recommendation, I had engaged in months of physical therapy and had received cortisone injections. These help me some. However, the pain persisted. I tried acupuncture as a last resort as my friend strongly recommend several times about Dr. Frank. Within a week of his twice treatment, I felt much better. Shortly after that I was pain free and so for so good for over one year. Since then I have become Dr frank's fan and acupuncture prior to see when I have the disorder without emergency.”
Tran L

Sleep disorder and headache

“I have sleep disorder for three years and nothing was helping. After my first visit with Dr. Frank, my sleep got a great improved. I returned for several visits and my sleep disorder complete resolved. What is more my long time headache was gone. I am so happy now. I would put Acupuncture as my first choice.”
Pinsker M

Seasonal allergies

“I have suffered from seasonal allergies for the past ten years. Even after allergy shots, and daily allergy medicine I was still suffering constant itch eyes, sneezing and sniffling every spring. After my very first acupuncture session with Dr.Frank, I noticed significant improvement in sneezing symptoms. I have not taken allergy medicine since my first session, and now, three months later, My eyes are not itching that much and I am barely sneezing. After three months preventing treatment every winter of three years, my seasonal allergies don’t bother me anymore. God bless Dr. Frank”
Suzanne M

Ankle sprain

“My seven year old daughter sprained her left ankle during running competition. Her ankle was swelling and painful. For our primary doctor's recommendation, she had received physical therapy for several times. The swelling and mobility got much better. However, her ankle was still painful. Because of physical therapist suggestion, she tried Acupuncture. To my surprise, only three times acupuncture, her ankle pain and swelling completely gone. What is more, my daughter told me that Dr. Frank’s Acupuncture treatment was almost not pain.”
Alessi M

Uterine fibroids

“Because of heavy painful period every month for half year, I went to see my Gynecologist. The ultrasonic exam reveal a 3.5x3.8 cm2 Uterine fibroids in my uterine lining and diagnosed as Uterine fibroids - a precancerous condition. My gynecologist and several colleagues she consulted with all said I absolutely had to have surgery--a hysterectomy. Since I have not kid yet, I didn’t like the idea of surgery. With the permission of my gynecologist, I started treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Frank. After ten times treatment, I notice my period become "normal"- not pain and not heavy. When I did ultrasonic exam again, my Gynecologist found the Uterine fibroids become 3.1x3.4 and it drop out of the Cervix. Gynecologist just ligatures the Stem of the uterine fibroids and removed it with ten minutes. My Uterus well keep and my period has not pain and not heavy anymore. I can't express my thanks for Dr. Frank for his acupuncture changing my life.”
Cziko R